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Exhibition Review, "Kerry Tribe: Dead Star Light." OBJECT: Graduate Research and Reviews in the History of Art and Visual Culture 14 (2012): 131–133.

This review article offered a critical inquiry of artist Kerry Tribe's multimedia exhibition Dead Star Light, held at Camden Arts Centre in London from May 13 to July 10, 2011. Below is a brief excerpt, which has been edited in accordance with OBJECT's house style.

‘Kerry Tribe: Dead Star Light’, Camden Arts Centre, London, 13 May – 10 July 2011.

There is a delicately synchronised visual and auditory constellation presented within Kerry Tribe’s Dead Star Light, one begging to be deciphered. The exhibition demands that its visitors not simply confront each of its multimedia components – including reel-to-reel audio, archival documents, and video and film installations – as the sights and sounds put on display are not easily accessible. The gallery visitor may need to strain his or her ear to make out the sound recording that comprises part of Tribe’s mixed media installation Milton Torres Sees A Ghost (2010). Once the audio is heard, the visitor will detect the soft voice of a man slowly recounting his experience as an American fighter pilot who was ordered to shoot down a UFO over Britain in 1957. His story is sectioned off by an interspersing of gentle beeps, each of which subtly evokes the sonar signals of a submarine…

Image credit: Kerry Tribe. Milton Torres Sees a Ghost. 2010. Installation with audio tape, reel to reel players, oscilloscopes and framed documents, 3:53 minutes. Photograph courtesy of the Camden Arts Centre, London.