Imperfect Beauty.jpg

Exhibition postcard. Dittmar Gallery, 2003.

Imperfect Beauty: Artwork by Debra Grall, Davida Schulman, and Sigrid Wonsil. Dittmar Gallery, Northwestern University, January 5–February 9, 2003.

This exhibition displayed the paintings of figurative artists Debra Grall, Davida Shulman, and Sigrid Wonsil, whose work focuses on contemporary perceptions of women, aging, and coping with illness. In direct opposition to social biases regarding size, age, and disability, this exhibition worked to make visible those who may feel invisible. 

My primary responsibilities while working on Imperfect Beauty included planning and executing its marketing campaign, producing written content for all interpretive materials, providing support to the artists, collaborating with various campus groups to implement related programming, and assisting with the installation and dismantling of the exhibition.