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Cover art for London Film and Media Conference brochure, 2012.

London Film and Media Conference 2012. Institute of Education, University of London, London, UK, June 22–24, 2012.

This was the second annual London Film and Media Symposium held at the Institute of Education, University of London. “The End of Representation” served as the central theme of the conference, which celebrated, analyzed, and critiqued the screen-based traditions of film, television, and digital media.

I co-organized a panel session that focused on animated film and storytelling. Included here is the abstract for my paper "Moving Memories: Animated Testimonials and the National Film Board of Canada."


Moving Memories: Animated Testimonials and the National Film Board of Canada

This paper examines the contemporary cinematic trend to thematize the past through animated film. It specifically considers the National Film Board of Canada’s expanding development of animated nonfiction and first-person testimonials, suggesting that these works confront and deconstruct the fabrication of history. Two NFB animated shorts are of particular interest: Michael Fukushima’s Minoru: Memory of Exile (1992), which recounts the impact that the bombing of Pearl Harbor had on the filmmaker’s Japanese-Canadian father, and Ann Marie Fleming’s I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors (2010), which explores the intergenerational impact of traumatic experience. This paper assesses how both films – and their respective modes of production – become emblematic of the continuous struggle to make sense of the past, not only in the interest of personal reconciliations but also for the sake of national and communal catharsis.