Messaging: Text and Visual Art. Sheldon Statewide, Sheldon Museum of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 13, 2010–June 15, 2011.

This exhibition explored the relationship between art and language. Through an engagement with works in Sheldon’s permanent collection, Messaging considered text as an artistic tool. It brought together works from the 1960s through the present and examined the fluctuating perceptions of text throughout modern and contemporary art movements.

Messaging was part of Sheldon Statewide, an annual traveling exhibition that serves rural populations throughout Nebraska. It is an outreach program that emphasizes both adult and child education, facilitates docent training, and provides related instructional and cultural programming at each venue.

While at Sheldon, I was responsible for Sheldon Statewide and provided the preliminary concept, thematic structure, and collections research for Messaging. In addition to working with all participating venues to ensure the safe travel and display of the exhibition, I served as the spokesperson for Sheldon Statewide and provided informational presentations regarding its history to various community groups in Nebraska.


Steve Lambert. Everything You Want, Right Now! 2009. Pine, oil, enamel, laser cut acrylic, sign bulbs. Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln.