OBJECT: Graduate Research and Reviews in the History of Art and Visual Culture 15 (2013).

OBJECT is a peer-reviewed academic journal published at University College London. It is entirely produced by doctoral candidates enrolled in the University’s Department of the History of Art. Through object- and theory-based analyses, contributors to the journal explore the diversity of issues and methodologies with which art history graduate students are engaged.

I served on OBJECT’s editorial board for the journal’s fourteenth volume before becoming lead editor the following year. With co-editors Dr. Catherine Berger and Dr. Carla Benzan, I collaborated with board members and faculty supervisors to oversee the production schedule, submission selection, and the editing process. I worked closely with all contributors, external reviewers, advertisers, and graphic designers.

Provided below are sample proofs of OBJECT 15, along with a promotional poster for a conference held in conjunction with the issue’s release.-

Object 15 front .png
Object 15 final inside_Object 15(3).png
Object 15 final inside_Object 15(4).png

OBJECT 15 proof samples.


Promotional poster for OBJECT’s 15th anniversary conference, 2013.