Exhibition postcard. Dittmar Gallery, 2002.

Retraction Impulse: Paintings by Sean Hopp. Dittmar Gallery, Northwestern University, October 23–December 8, 2002.

Sean Hopp’s paintings examine the fleeting thoughts, feelings, and undefined associations that make up the bulk of human consciousness. This exhibition reflected upon the illusions running beneath the surfaces of life. Working with oils, varnishes, adhesives, and homemade compounds, Hopp’s paintings offer a haunting collection of textures and colors that give identity to the truths and common misperceptions of human behavior.

My primary responsibilities while working on Retraction Impulse included executing its marketing strategy, collaborating with various student groups on campus to offer related programming for the Northwestern community, producing written content for all interpretive materials, providing support to the artist, and assisting with the installation and dismantling of the exhibition.

Dittmar also collaborated with outside performers and instructors who participated in special events held in conjunction with the exhibition, which included Halloween-themed activities and storytelling events for kids and families.